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I'd like to return some XML instead of HTML in my WebMatrix cshtml file? How do you change the content type header?

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I just had to figure this out so I'm posting for others to find the answer in the future. – John Sheehan - Runscope Jul 6 '10 at 22:06
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Use the Response.ContentType property at the top of your .cshtml file then include the XML in the content of the view:

   Response.ContentType = "application/xml";
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
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Wow!! You edited your answer to match mine rather than select mine as the accepted answer?? That's cold, man... ice cold. (Check the revisions everybody) – Mike Jan 17 '12 at 18:46
It's a wiki, you should have proposed an edit or commented on this one. Mine got out of date, so I updated it. – John Sheehan - Runscope Jan 17 '12 at 20:11

At the top of your Razor file, set the ContentType of the Response object:

  Response.ContentType = "application/xml";
... xml here ...
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At the time I wrote the other answer (first beta) that property wasn't accessible. I'll try that out now, thanks! – John Sheehan - Runscope Jan 20 '11 at 5:46
@John if the above worked for you would you consider changing the accepted answer? The above is possibly more correct, though both achieve the desired result. – JT. Mar 22 '11 at 1:12

If you are using ASP.NET MVC, you can choose to make the change in your action method in the controller, like so:

public ActionResult MyAction() {
    Response.ContentType = "text/xml";
    return View();
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This doesn't apply to just plain .cshtml files outside of ASP.NET MVC – John Sheehan - Runscope Jan 16 '12 at 23:35
Thanks @JohnSheehan, I updated my answer to include that note. – Luis Perez Jan 17 '12 at 2:00

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