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I'm new to Delphi Prism 2011. Where can I find step by step instructions for writing and testing a basic Hello,world type website? I need to write, run and debug a simple website to see how the IDE works and to be sure that the installation including the link with Microsoft IIS is correct. An alternate tutorial giving the same information would also be fine. Thank you.

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google is your friend... :D –  objectiveccoder001 Jul 11 '10 at 23:36

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I found these links on another post and thought they might help you. 1) The official Info

Prism Wiki http://prismwiki.codegear.com/en/Main_Page

Developing for Mono with Delphi Prism http://www.embarcadero-info.com/whitepaper/Delphi_Prism_2010_and_Mono_WP_Brian_Long.pdf

Below is the original question and many web resource links for you to look at. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2729472/delphi-prism-online-resources

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