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Assuming we have a comment textarea where the user can enter this code:


How can I replace that code before the form submits with the actual html content from <div id="comment-1"> ?

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You could try something like this:

var text = $('textarea').val();

text = text.replace(/\[quote="comment-(\d+)"\]/g, function(str,p1) { return $('#comment-' + p1).text(); });


It should match agains any numbered quote in the format you gave.

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works, thanks :P – Alex Jul 7 '10 at 0:22

You can use regular expressions:

text = text.replace(/\[quote="([a-z0-9-]+)"]/gi, 
    function(s, id) { return $('#' + id).text(); }
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If I understand you correctly, you wish to replace something like '[quote="comment-1"]' with ''.

In JavaScript:

// Where textarea is the reference to the textarea, as returned by document.getElementById
var text = textarea.value;
text = text.replace(/\[quote\="(comment\-1)"\]/g, '<div id="$1">');

In jQuery:

// Where textarea is the reference to the textarea, as returned by $()
var text = textarea.val();
text = text.replace(/\[quote\="(comment\-1)"\]/, '<div id="$1">');

Hope this helps!

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