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I'm having trouble drawing a font with an alpha channel:

gui::IGUIFont* font = device->getGUIEnvironment()->getBuiltInFont();

font->draw(L"C'mon, be transparent, PLEASE!!!",

As you can see, the text should have an alpha value of 127... but it doesn't.

How can I draw transparent text?

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I found out that if I use SOFTWARE driver instead of OPEN_GL or DirectX, I also get your problem. But with OpenGL or DirectX it works fine. So if it is an option you can one of these drivers below:

video::E_DRIVER_TYPE driverType = video::EDT_OPENGL;
video::E_DRIVER_TYPE driverType = video::video::EDT_DIRECT3D8;
video::E_DRIVER_TYPE driverType = video::video::EDT_DIRECT3D9;
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I'm using Linux, so the DirectX driver is not an option. – Nathan Osman Aug 3 '10 at 20:53
@George But OpenGL definitely should be. Did using OpenGL rendering fix the transparency issue? – greatwolf Sep 2 '10 at 18:49

Solution is simple. Use StaticText. Just like this:

m_pText = m_pGUIEnvironment->addStaticText(
    "C'mon, be transparent, PLEASE!!!",
// Set your desired color with alpha value as OVERRIDE one.
// And don't forget to enable it!

Voela, now you have semi-transparent text. By the way, I also think that you were trying to use a white-colored text within white environment. Look at your color - transparency is useless as long as you don't use different colors for text and background. In any case, try using my example, if everything else fails.

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