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In WP you can filter shortcodes from a string and execute their hooked functions with do_shortcode($string).

Is it possible to filter a single shortcode, instead of all registered shortcodes?

for example I need a few shortcodes to be available for comment posters as well, but not all for obvious reasons :)

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function do_shortcode_by_tags($content, $tags)
    global $shortcode_tags;
    $_tags = $shortcode_tags; // store temp copy
    foreach ($_tags as $tag => $callback) {
        if (!in_array($tag, $tags)) // filter unwanted shortcode

    $shortcoded = do_shortcode($content);
    $shortcode_tags = $_tags; // put all shortcode back
    return $shortcoded;

This works by filtering the global $shortcode_tags, running do_shortcode(), then putting everything back as it was before.

Example use;

$comment = do_shortcode_by_tags($comment, array('tag_1', 'tag_2'));

This will apply the shortcode tag_1 and tag_2 to the comment.

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