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I'm using -webkit-border-image to specify my main sprite image in a style. The sprite image is a bunch of button images. What style attributes do I use to index into my main sprite image?

.red {
    -webkit-border-image: url(sprite.png) 0 14 0 14;

The red button sprite is at x=0, y=21.

What attributes do I use? If it were a background I'd use background-position. I’m not sure what to use for -webkit-border-image.

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You can't do that with border-image. According to this, CSS3 will define new syntax for image slices and image sprites.

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I also was under the impression that sprites were not possible using border image. But I was proven wrong.

The border image syntax is as follows:

border-image: url([file]) [offsettop] [offsetright] [offsetbottom] [offsetleft];

border-image is tied to the border-width. It's possible to use the offset to choose the amount of the image to show from the origin (i.e. topoffset of 10px + border-top-width of 10px will show 10px from pixel 0 to pixel 10).

But if you use a border-width of 0px instead, it's possible to use the offset to hide a portion of the image. In this case you can use padding to achieve the same alignment as with border-width.

See this post (where I was corrected by Scott Murray, thanks Scott) for more info and demo:


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