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i have ubuntu installed on the lenovo s10e netbook. I am not sure if this is related to the issue. I am new to source builds so I would appreciate some direction. I followed instructions on cyanogen's wiki (

I am stuck on the last step of 'Building CyanogenMod' after starting the build process.

$make -j4
Install: out/host/linux-x86/framework/apicheck.jar
Install: out/host/linux-x86/framework/clearsilver.jar
Install: out/host/linux-x86/framework/droiddoc.jar
host SharedLib: libneo_cgi (out/host/linux-x86/obj/lib/
/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/gcc/i486-linux-gnu/4.4.3/../../../ when searching for -lz
/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/gcc/i486-linux-gnu/4.4.3/../../../libz.a when searching for -lz
/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/ when searching for -lz
/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/libz.a when searching for -lz
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lz
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [out/host/linux-x86/obj/lib/] Error 1
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Which version of Ubuntu are you using? – Al Sutton Jul 7 '10 at 5:34
I'll double this question. Using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Same problem. – folone Jul 7 '10 at 16:01
Ubunutu Netbook Edition - latest i.e. ubuntu-10.04-netbook-i386 I am running it on a lenovo s10e with intel atom processor N270 / 1.6 GHz Cache Memory: 512 KB, L2 cache RAM: 512 MB (installed) / 1.5 GB (max), DDR2 SDRAM, 667 MHz, PC2-5300 ( provided memory is soldered ) Hard Drive: 80 GB, Serial ATA-150, 5400 rpm – slimatic Jul 7 '10 at 16:49
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An old question, but in case anybody looks for it, here is what I found: if you are running 64-bit ubuntu, the correct library is lib32z1-dev, so:

sudo apt-get install lib32z1-dev

Should do the trick

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"-lz" implies that the compiler is trying to link against some library "libz.{a,so}". I searched the website to find the package it is located in: zlib1g-dev

Install the package: sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev

And you should be able to overcome this issue.

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I believe the problem is that your operating system is 64-bit and you need a 32-bit libz. Try sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev.

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