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I have an <ul> that if the child img is missing from the <li> it needs to be removed. I am using jQuery 1.4.2.
I used:

$("#itemList ul li").filter(function() {
   return $(this).children("img").length == 0; 

This worked fine Firefox, did not throw any errors. All other major browsers threw an error. Using the following did not produce an error:

$("#slider ul li").each(function(index) {
    if ($(this).children("img").length == 0)

Is this a bug in jQuery or is there something fundamental missing from my first line of code?

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Not sure the reason for it but your first line is using a different parent id. –  spinon Jul 7 '10 at 4:48

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Is this what you try to achieve:

$("#itemList ul li:not(:has(img))").remove();
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Yes, that is what I am trying to achieve and it can be done in a few forms, but I was just enquiring whether this was a bugin jQuery or a bug in the code, browser, etc. I wasn't really after another way to do it. But thanks anyway. –  Joe Jul 8 '10 at 1:58

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