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I need to develop a flex component which can take two videos and mix them using chroma keying. Is there library support in adobe flex for chroma keying. How can i get it done . Is there a sample code snippet for reference

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Basically, the idea is, you don't play the "blue-box-video". Rather than that, every frame, you copy it's content into a BitmapData using BitmapData::draw. Then with BitmapData::threshold or other methods, you try to cut out the background. The resulting BitmapData is put on top of the other video.

You might wanna have a look at PixelBender to get better results.


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Is it possible to do chroma keying in the server side. For example, if we use flash media server, does it have features to do the mixing?

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Well, basically you can do everything on the server side, however FMS is not designed for that to my knowledge. If you need a more elaborate answer, I suppose you should ask a new question. – back2dos Jul 29 '10 at 9:10

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