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I currently working on a project which uses Spree Cart and which has hence forced me to switch from testing with RSpec to testing with Shoulda.

I really like the output I get from rspec and am wanting to get similarly readable output using Shoulda.

Specifically how do I achieve similar output as I would achieve with the rspec command below using shoulda?

$ spec spec --color --format specdoc
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Shoulda is a library within Test::Unit. You can get colored Test::Unit output by installing the redgreen gem


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Worked like a charm! Cheers. In short from the article one needs to: gem install redgreen And add the following to test_helper.rb require 'redgreen' Thanks Winfield! –  Evolve Jul 8 '10 at 13:22
Any idea how I can get test output like the specdoc format? –  Evolve Jul 8 '10 at 13:23

You can get human-friendly output (not as nice as RSpec's, but workable) by simply passing the --verbose or -v flag to Ruby:

$ ruby -v test/your_test.rb

If you're using Rake::TestTask to run your Shoulda tests, there's an environment variable for passing options:

$ TESTOPTS='--verbose' rake
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