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I'm calling a C function using ctypes from Python. It returns a pointer to a struct, in memory allocated by the library (the application calls another function to free it later). I'm having trouble figuring out how to massage the function call to fit with ctypes. The struct looks like:

  DWORD               dwNumberOfItems;
  WLAN_INTERFACE_INFO InterfaceInfo[];

I've been using a Structure subclass that looks like this:

    _fields_ = [
        ("NumberOfItems", DWORD),
        ("InterfaceInfo", WLAN_INTERFACE_INFO * 1)

How can I tell ctypes to let me access the nth item of the InterfaceInfo array?

I cannot use Scott's excellent customresize() function because I don't own the memory (Memory cannot be resized because this object doesn't own it).

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Modifying Scott's answer to remove the resize() call worked:

def customresize(array, new_size):
    return (array._type_*new_size).from_address(addressof(array))
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Can you explain how this is to be used? I tried resizing but returned this: (lu_list.contents).guid = customresize( (lu_list.contents).guid, (lu_list.contents).cnt) TypeError: incompatible types, GUID_Array_4 instance instead of GUID_Array_1 instance – Awalias Nov 14 '12 at 10:54

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