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Anyone had success with using Redis as Beaker backend? Can you tell me link or library how to do it? I am looking for any library which does this but could not get anything out of google search.

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I have posted to pylons user group and this information resolve my question..

Here are the steps that worked for me:

  1. easy_install redis
  2. easy_install pip
  3. pip install git+git://
  4. Edit Pylons' development.ini

    full_stack = true
    static_files = true
    cache_dir = %(here)s/data
    beaker.session.type = redis
    beaker.session.key = appname
  5. (Optional) Edit this file and change the serialization method to JSON. Even though JSON is not as efficient byte for byte I like how it is easily readable and relatively well supported across the technologies I've chosen:

Posted by Jeff Tchang

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