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I have a form with data. Any changes or insertion , those data should be updated in tow different tables like name, salary in one table and address, mail id in another table.

Like the example above i have several columns in both tables.

Now i want to audit the table. So i think i have to create a view for the two tables and set up a trigger for the view. Is it correct?.

And also i need to know only the affected columns. How to get the only affected columns?

Please suggest me a solution.


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There are lots of ways to let the system handle all that grunt work for you - depending on the SQL Server version you're using:

If you really must handle all the work yourself, you need to get familiarized with triggers - read up on them in Data Points: Exploring SQL Server Triggers.

Inside your trigger code, you have two "pseudo-tables":

  • Inserted is the table holding the values being inserted (in an INSERT trigger) or the new values (in an UPDATE trigger)
  • Deleted is the table holding the values being deleted (in a DELETE trigger) or the old values (in an UPDATE trigger)

With those two pseudo-tables, you can get access to all data you might need.

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What is BOL ? Is anyway related to this? I got this from this link stackoverflow.com/questions/2684293/… –  Manoj Jul 7 '10 at 10:11
@Manoj: BOL = Books Online - Online SQL Server documentation (MSDN Library) –  marc_s Jul 7 '10 at 11:18

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