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I've got an app on the iTunes store, and Apple provides daily (and weekly) sales reports. I'd like to download these in an automated fashion (say, via script attached to a cron job), but I'm not sure how to get around all their https-forms, Web-objects controls, session-IDs, etc.

Does anyone have a plug & play solution for this?


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There's a thread in the Dev Forums about this: Sales Reports Script

Link: https://devforums.apple.com/thread/1253?start=0&tstart=0

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Thanks! Glad to find someone had done it before I went & reinvented the wheel... :) –  Olie Nov 27 '08 at 0:49

I really like AppSales, an open-source iPhone app that scrapes the iTunes Connect website and gives you daily and weekly reports, graphs etc. It's open source so you can extend it to your needs.


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There's no API but you cant "scrape" it, there are various open source scripts online.

Instead though you can use www.appfigures.com which downloads reports automatically, turns them into interactive sales/downloads reports and sends parsed reports by email automatically as well as shows your reviews from all 77 app stores around the world and rank trending from 6 major app stores.

For security reasons I'd use a sub iTC account when signing up.

And its completely free (while in beta)

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