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Is there any way to get Visual Studio to put collapsable regions in CSS files? Or can someone recommend an alternative (free) editor that offers this?

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I have the same inquiry. I logged this issue at -…. I got a message saying the issue was resolved, but nothing further. Not sure what that all meant? Perhaps they've released an extension for it? I'm quite lost. – jonathanconway Aug 15 '10 at 6:48

In Emacs you can do this by typing M-1 C-x $. However, it has quite a learning curve.

alt text

And if you have a mac, you could try CSSEdit. And for windows there's TopStyle. Both support code folding.

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I found the answer below quite useful. I'm using it in Visual Studio 2010 and while it's not perfect, it hides extra stuff while editing.

Is there a way to collapse javascript or CSS in Visual Studio 2008

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