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On Windows XP when a process crashes, we get a dialog box with a link:

"To view technical information about the error report, click here."

The "click here" link brings up a whole lot of information in a window, but no obvious way to save it to a file. Is there a way? It would be very nice to be able to send that data to several different external vendors we're working with.

The only other option I see in the dialog box is to send it to Microsoft, but this crash is likely not Microsoft's fault and there is no reason to send it to them.

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If you are a company, you can register with Microsoft to be able to download WER reports.

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As of when you see this dialog box, you should still be able to manually attach a debugger (e.g. Visual Studio) to the crashing process and take a look at any available exception records. Alternatively, I believe you should be able to register Visual Studio to handle these crashes instead of the normal error reporting mechanism. This article seems to have more information about that option:

Hope this helps...

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Maybe a bit late for '08 question, but anyway, you may use Error Report Grabber software for this task

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