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I am leaning towards uwsgi+nginx for my Django app, can anyone share the best method for starting up my uwsgi processes? Does anyone have experience tuning uwsgi?

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Launchd on OSX

Upstart/init on the unices.

uwsgi also has its own process manager, so you can just run that as well.


Check the mailing list, for advice on your particular requirements. Uwsgi is amazing, it is a complete deploy solution.

Nginx above 0.8.40 will build the uwsgi bindings by default, Build nginx, build uwsgi and you are golden.

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these are the functions i use in my file (check out python fabric if you haven't already):

def start_uwsgi():
    with cd(env.server.uwsgi):
            run('sleep 1')
        run('source venv/bin/activate;uwsgi --ini uwsgi.ini;'))

def stop_uwsgi():
    with cd(env.server.uwsgi):
            run('source venv/bin/activate;uwsgi --stop;'))

In my uwsgi.ini file i specify:

socket = :{{your_port}}
master = true
vhost = true
no-site = true
processes = 1
enable-threads = true
pidfile =
daemonize = server.log
auto-procname = true
procname-prefix = servername_

for me the main gotyas were:

  • use the daemonise option if you want to keep the uwsgi server going after you close your terminal/ssh session
  • use vhost to run multiple sites under the same uwsgi instance, which is great if your bottleneck is memory, like mine is with the otherwise fantastic webfaction host
  • pidfile tracks the current instance, enabling you to call uwsgi --stop pidfile, uwsgi --start pidfile
  • procname and procname-prefix/append give a nice name to your process so you can easily single it out using ps -u username | grep some_string
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helped me a lot! +1 for the "procname" – Jim Jose Apr 27 '12 at 14:25

I will go with supervisord for managing the starting, stoping process.

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