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We have two mediawiki (like wikipedia) installations. One is public and one is internal.

We do the normal work with the internal adding/changing/deleting text articles and pictures.

We want to sync and update the external one on weekly bases, what is the best approach?

note: We are using 2 windows servers (but willing to change to linux (1 or 2 server setup) if that will make it easier)


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What particular wiki software are you using? It depends on specific software. –  grigy Jul 7 '10 at 9:13
And are you using a database, or store the wiki data file based? –  JochenJung Jul 7 '10 at 9:17
MediaWiki is database-based. Most popular and best supported is mySQL, but others work too. –  Larry Wang Jul 7 '10 at 9:20

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As Kaestur Hakari writes, the content is in a database, so just make a database dump in an appropriate format from the first database and load that into the second one.

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hi, yes I just made a btach file that automate the work :-) cheers –  Data-Base Jul 8 '10 at 13:03

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