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Is it possible to mix 32bit and 64bit components with different languages in a single MSI?

I need to Mix 32bit English, 32bit German 64bit English, 64bit German components in a single MSI. I am able to create separate 4 MSI's using Visual Studio(Setup and Deployment). Using NSIS, I can really mix 32bit English, 32bit German 64bit English, 64bit German components in a single Setup.exe file and install the correct components at installtime(based on selected language - English or German and System Architecture 32bit or 64 bit). Is it possible to create a single MSI incorporating the above requirements using any of the Windows Installer Tools? (I know, in Visual studio, it is not possible, WIX - I dont know, or Any other tool). Any Help is greaten appreciable.

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You might want to look at Inno Setup. As far as I know it can do this just fine.

[Edit: ah, it doesn't produce MSIs though, it produces setup executables.]

[Edit2: There's some info here about making Inno setup executables that run silently and then packaging them within an MSI: http://www.appdeploy.com/messageboards/tm.asp?m=10846&mpage=1&key=⩞ ]

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This isn't a limitation of the WiX toolset, it's a limitation of the Windows Installer (MSI) itself.

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It is not possible, because of Windows Installer limitation:

  • 32-bit packages that contain only 32-bit components.
  • 64-bit packages containing some 32 bit components.
  • 64-bit packages containing only 64 bit components.

Here is more information: About Windows Installer on 64-Bit Operating Systems and here.

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