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Does anybody know of an easy way to store Umbraco settings (Document Types, Media Types etc) on the file system in order to manage that data within source control?

Note: changes to settings made on the file system need to be easily integrated back into the CMS database.

Also, does anybody know of a way to package up settings from a development environment for rolling out to staging and live environments?

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There is no method currently other than rolling your own package to do it but it should be relatively straight forward using the API. Check out the "Backing up Document Types" article as a starting point .

Your second point about deployment was something discussed in an open session at the Umbraco Codegarden this year and no conclusion was made that was a one answer fits all.

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Interesting blog post, thanks. For deploying changes, I was hoping that there was a similar method to Sitecore's packaging which allows the developer to zip data types, pages etc to install on other instances. –  Dean Jul 8 '10 at 10:44
You can do this using the Umbraco Package manager in the developer section however my response was in relation to your original question about storing the document types in source control. Creating a package with these items will tie them all into a single file rather than exporting the doctypes to the file system as individual files. –  ProNotion Aug 8 '10 at 6:46

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