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ipython's %his command outputs recent commands entered by the user. Is it possible to search within these commands? Something like this:

[c for c in %history if c.startswith('plot')]

EDIT I am not looking for a way to rerun a command, but to locate it in the history list. Of course, sometimes I will want to rerun a command after locating it, either verbatim or with modifications.

EDIT searching with ctr-r and then typing plot gives the most recent command that starts with "plot". It won't list all the commands that start with it. Neither can you search within the middle or the end of the commands


Expanding PreludeAndFugue's solution here what I was looking for:

[l for l in  _ih if l.startswith('plot')]

here, the if condition can be substituted by a regex

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Similar to the first answer you can do the following:


However, when iterating through the command history items you can do the following. Thus you can create your list comprehension from this.

for item in _ih:
    print item

This is documented in the following section of the documentation: http://ipython.org/ipython-doc/dev/interactive/reference.html#input-caching-system

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looks like the links gone bad. –  Derek Litz Dec 4 '11 at 3:08

Even better: %hist -g |pattern| greps your past history for |pattern|. You can additionally restrict your search to the current session, or to a particular range of lines. See %hist?

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If you want to re-run a command in your history, try Ctrl-r and then your search string.

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-1: Ctrl-r only works if IPython is being run in a Bash-style terminal (i.e. not in the Notebook, within Spyder, etc.) @user2141650's answer is more general and works in all IPython circumstances. –  LondonRob Jul 28 at 12:29

I usually find myself wanting to search the entire ipython history across all previous and current sessions. For this I use:

from IPython.core.history import HistoryAccessor
hista = HistoryAccessor()

#if I run #
z1 = hista.search('*numpy*corr*')


ip = get_ipython()
z1 = ip.history_manager.search('*numpy*corr*')

Note that the syntax is slightly different from the re module

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It uses the glob style matching described here: docs.python.org/2/library/fnmatch.html#module-fnmatch –  Thomas K Dec 13 '13 at 1:45

There is the way you can do it:




to prevent magick expansion.

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