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Hello I already asked regarding actove configuration for Visual Studio projects http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3184264/active-configuration and thanks to that already know that it stored in .suo and csproj.user(for c#) file. Now I found that for solutions created in SharpDevelop there were not created these files

Do you have information where for solutions created on SharpDevelop stored active configuration ?

Thanks in advance

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In SharpDevelop this information is stored in an xml file under your user profile. In Vista and Windows 7, for example, this xml file is stored in the folder:


Inside this folder will be an xml file named after your solution (e.g. MyConsoleApp.sln.3f6fc903.xml). The xml file will store the currently active configuration as shown below:

  <ActiveConfiguration value="Debug" />
  <ActivePlatform value="x86" />
  <StartupProject value="" />
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Thanks a lot for quick and very helpful reply . In addition : for Win XP it located in C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\ICSharpCode\SharpDevelop3.0\preferences\[solutionname].xml –  lm. Jul 8 '10 at 18:55

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