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Learning Regular Expressions

How to start off?

Which software to use?

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I use this all the time (for reference) - has a good tutorial...


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Learn it from regular-expressions.info and use a regex editor such as Expresso that will decompose your regex for you as you write it.

rubular.com is another useful place to go.

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Regular Expressions Cookbook is Awesome!

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you can also use Regex Coach Editor, it's a nice one!

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This is a very complete online tool written in Actionscript 3. It colors matches, and also executes basic RE functions on the text.

You can use it with any text and RE, just introduce it in the fields and let it go!

The AS3 regexp support is quite complete so you can test on-the-fly everything, including look-ahead and look-behind (both positive and negative), grouping without capturing etc.

There is also a great number of community-provided RE ready for use, with examples and all, integrated within the application.

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