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Usually u have to set up a little script + htmlpage on your server to run google maps, but i was wondering - is it possible to use google maps directly? i mean by just calling an url with parameters (gpoint coordinates, zoomfactor ..) and it loads the map fullscreen without having to use my own server?

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Sounds like you might be after the static maps api. You can build a URL specifying the properties of the map like:

  • zoom
  • position
  • markers (including custom markers)
  • image size
  • etc

and you will get back a rendered image of the map. Something like:

alt text

Obviously this just gives you a fixed image of the map you are after. If you need a dynamic Google map, then you will need to use the Google Maps Javascript API.

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Not hosted by Google. You might find some other website that uses the API to do the same thing.

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Google Maps API

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If you're using C# you can use this open-source project - This encapsulates all the interaction with goole maps API -

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