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I have an input file in following manner

<td> Name1 </td>
<td> <span class="test"><a href="url1">Link </a></span></td>
<td> Name2 </td>
<td> <span class="test"><a href="url2">Link </a></span></td>

I want a awk script to read this file and output in following manner

url1 Name1
url2 Name2

Can anyone help me out in this trivial looking problem? Thanks.

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Extracting one href per is relatively simple, so long as they conform to XHTML standards and there is only at most one on a line and you don't care about enclosing tags, but perl is easier:

$ perl -ne 'print "$1\n" if /href="([^"]+)"/'

If you care about enclosing tags or they are not standard conformant, you cannot use regular expressions to parse HTML. It is impossible.

added: oops, you do care about context, forget about regexps and use a real HTML parser

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Your easy perl script doesn't cut it ;-). With the given input it outputs the lines "url1" and "url2". – Peter G. Jul 7 '10 at 11:39
@peter: ah, the joys of plesiochronous editing. ;) – msw Jul 7 '10 at 11:47
+1 for pointing out the need for a real parser (and using the term plesiochronous). – Amardeep AC9MF Jul 17 '10 at 12:10

Here is an awk script that does the job

awk '
/a href=\".*\"/ { sub( /^.*a href=\"/,"" ); sub(/\".*/,"");  print $0, name }
                { name = $2 }
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this might work:

awk 'BEGIN
      while (j<i) 
      {print line[j+1] line[j]; j+=2}
     }' yourfile|awk '{print substr($4,7,length($4)-6),$6}'
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gawk '/^<td>/ {n = $2; getline; print gensub(/.*href="([^"]*).*/,"\\1",1), n}' infile

url1 Name1
url2 Name2
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awk 'BEGIN{RS="></td>\n"; FS="> | </|\""}{print $7, $2}' infile

every 2 lines as a record.

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