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i need some help on retrieving Instruction pointers(RIP) of a call stack on Linux 64 bit machine. i can traverse the Stack using ptrace and retrieve all Frame/Base pointer(RBP) values. but as i want IP values, what is the arithmetic and conceptual relationship between RIP and RBP. i assume that RIP value is stored at (RBP + 8) location and a can read it using ptrace PEEKDATA. is my assumption correct?

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The layout of the call stack depends on the calling convention and processor architecture. See and Maybe ptrace abstracts this away but I don't actually know. – Daniel Brückner Jul 7 '10 at 12:11

Any return address pushed on the stack will only get you the %rip starting after the currently running function returns, not the %rip of the currently executing function. You should be able to get your hands on the current %rip the same way GDB does:

  • Ideally, your platform supports the PTRACE_GETREGS or PTRACE_GETREGSET argument. Your manpage and the header file should get you the rest of the way from here.
  • Failing that, you should be able to use the PTRACE_PEEKUSER argument with the appropriate offset to grab the register from the user area.

You can look at the gorey details in gdb/amd64-linux-nat.c in the GDB source tree.

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