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Hello I have a problem with binding commands to button inside datagrid.

Here should be explanation but it doesn't explain everything.


What should be in classes in namespace Infrastructure?

Can somebody show me a really basic sample of using this? not just parts of the code...

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The Prism Commanding QuickStart - included with the Prism drop should provide the simple code example you are looking for.

All data-bindings go against the current DataContext unless specified otherwise. The DataContext is inherited down the tree of controls unless a control specifically picks a DataContext.

For example your Button might look like this and would look for the SaveCommand on whatever the DataContext has:

<Button Command="{Binding SaveCommand} />

Your button could also look like this if you wanted to bind to a command exposed on your classes code-behind:

<UserControl x:Name="UserControl">
    <Button Command="{Binding SaveCommand, ElementName=UserControl}"

Using DelegateCommand is just a way of implementing the ICommand you bind to and that should be visibile in the Prism QuickStart.

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