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I have an sql-query define on my nhibernate mapping file, that call an stored procedure to select some records.

 <sql-query name="sp_MYSP">
     exec MYDBSP :param1, :param2, :param3

On code, I call the named query in this way:

  IQuery myQuery= Session.GetNamedQuery("sp_MYSP");
  myQuery.SetString("param1", p1);
  myQuery.SetString("param2", p2);
  myQuery.SetString("param3", p3);

to get results I use "List" method


but in this way it return a list of objects without any meta information...like columname. I would read result like a datatable to get value of specific property...how can I do?

The selected records don't represents any entity of my domain modal, but only a collection of data use for a specific process.

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If you are not mapping that query to an entity and expect a datatable, why use NHibernate at all?

You can still get a connection from NHibernate if you are actually using it for the rest of your data (session.Connection) and create a raw ADO.NET command from there.

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You're right.

However I found another solution from this article publish on codeprojet: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/tips/Execute_SQL_Nhibernate.aspx

Fit for my scenario.

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