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Spring 3.x is conspicuously absent from the official Will it play in app engine?

Has anybody got it up and running?

Any issues with the following?

  1. Fully annotated controllers?
  2. Annotated JSR 303 validation?
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Spring is quite broad, so there may be some parts of it that won't work. However, I have deployed a small project using Spring 3 without any major issues.

  • Annotated controllers: Can't say about Spring MVC as I used Wicket for the frontend. But the annotations driven DI worked with no problems.
  • Annotated JSR-303 Validation: Working perfectly with no issues. Using Apache Bean Validator as provider.
  • Apart from those points, I used JPA2 for persistence and the setup was trickier. I would recomend using JDO if possible.
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Thanks for the quick answer. I have had trouble with JSR303 and started another thread, maybe something will jump out at you? stackoverflow.com/questions/3196285/spring-app-engine-jsr303 –  klonq Jul 7 '10 at 15:32

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