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I have this:

public class accounts
    private string mName;
    private string mEmail;
    private string mAddress;

    public accounts(string Name,
    string Email,
    string Address)
        this.mName = Name;
        this.mEmail = Email;
        this.mAddress = Address;

then, somewhere else, I create this:

private static List<accounts> mlocalaccountList = new List<accounts>()

then I fill it like this:

mlocalaccountList.Add(new accounts("John Smith","johnsmith@mail.com","CA USA"));

Now, everything is OK, except, how can I access the list<> items??

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Also, per Framework Design Guidelines, your class name should be singular (since it's storing information about ONE account), and it should be pascal-case like "Account". This also means that your private static list could be "accounts". So when you do your foreach, you can do foreach(Account account in accounts) - which is a common, and intiutive way to write that. Likewise, your private strings should just be camel cased like "name", "email", and "address", with no "m" prefix. Hope that helps... –  Robert Seder Jul 7 '10 at 15:37

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You can access them in a foreach loop:

foreach (var item in mlocalaccountList) {

however, since all members are private you cannot access them at all. Consider making properties for the private members or making them public.

You can also access them by index:


is the first item in the list.

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By indexer like an array

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foreach (accounts a in mlocalaccountList) { /* do something */ }

will iterate through the list.

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Try mlocalaccountList[0] or

foreach (accounts acct in mlocalaccountList)
    // Do something with acct
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I would recommend using a foreach statement or just access by using an index variable mlocalaccount[index]

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You can iterate over them:

foreach (var item in mlocalaccountList)
    // do stuff with item

You can use LINQ:

var usaItems = mlocalaccountList.Where(a => a.Address.Contains("USA"));
   // assuming you implement a public property for Address
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Here's a link to the List<T> MSDN page. The Members page lists all the methods and properties that you have available. You can find help on ForEach for example.

The MSDN library (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/) is an invaluable source of information on the classes and their members.

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Just combining the list of everyone's answers here so far:

  1. Use an indexer into the list: mlocalaccountsList[i] will return the i'th element (0-based index, of course)
  2. Iterate over the list using a loop. foreach(var account in mlocalaccountList) will easily provide you with each element in turn.
  3. Use a LINQ query to filter out a specific element in the list. LINQ has two different styles of writing queries:

    var result = mlocalaccountList.Where(a => a.Name == "John Smith"))
    // or
    var result = from a in mlocalaccountList
             where a.Name == "John Smith"
             select a;
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Use a foreach statement:

foreach (accounts acc in mlocalaccountList)
 ... do something with acc
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Though I don't program in C#, I believe it is: mlocalaccountList[index] where index is an int.

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