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I have the following line to display an image:

$output .= '<div><img src="C:/backup/images/000001_full.jpg"></div>';

($output is then put into an html file as a local backup). When I view the page with IE, the image is displayed fine, but not with firefox. Any idea why?



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I think you want:

$output .= '<div><img src="file://c:/backup/images/000001_full.jpg"></div>';

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Thanks! that got it working! – David Menard Jul 7 '10 at 15:47

You need to close your img tag. So,

$output .= '<div><img src="C:/backup/images/000001_full.jpg" /></div>';

IE likes to play it kind of loose with HTML specs, but Firefox pays more attention to the standards.

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Maybe because your src is not valid urlfor Firefox.
Have you tried file://c:/backup/images/000001_full.jpg ?

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Why are you using a link to the file system location? The image should be part of the site, and should be linked to as a relative URL such as \images\000001_full.jpg.

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+1 for using a relative path instead of an absolute path. – Jacob Ewald Jul 7 '10 at 15:40
its to make a local backup of the site. Notice how the image is in C:/backup – David Menard Jul 7 '10 at 15:45

use relative path. i am also not sure but Something like $output .= '<div><img src="../images/000001_full.jpg"/></div>'

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I reproduced this problem. The image displays in IE (and Chrome), but not in Firefox. The reason is because local files can't be accessed directly. Prefix the src tag with file:/// and it will work just fine as in:

$output .= '<div><img src="file:///C:/backup/images/000001_full.jpg"></div>';
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It is not straight forward in Chrome and firefox. Modern browsers due to security reasons do not allow you to show image from file system.

Steps: 1. set variable where your input type file is defined

HTML : <input type="file" id="image-input"/>
var fileInput = document.getElementById('image-input');
  1. Get temporary file URI:

    var uri = window.URL.createObjectURL(fileInput.files[0]); Pass this Uri to the image src from Javascript. Problem solved.

Follow this link for help:

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