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I'm developing application that use nHibernate for ORM, WCF services and silverlight as UI. My question is how to provide validation on server and also on client for domain entities. I thought using nHibernate validation framework but not sure if I can use it as client (silverlight) validation. I don't want to have two codes of validation and like to use nHibernate validation. Any idea?


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You'r validation can be handled by a ViewModel implementing INotifyDataErrorInfo interface. And that interface also provides the grounds you need for building your own asynchronous validation which will be needed for server side validation.

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That's what the WCF RIA Services and the System.ServiceModel.DataAnnotation attributes can be used for.

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Yes but I'm not using RIA services.. WCF. – Damir R. Jul 8 '10 at 7:53

Also, for more complex validation scenarios and also validation driven by external config, take a look at the Validation Application Block (which is part of the Enterprise Library Silverlight Integration Pack) useful.

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