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Is there a library available in Python we can use to parse and read an outlook pst file?

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I have only ever poked at libpst docs, but it looks like the libpst-python package might work for you: libpst-python

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pypff is a python wrapper for the C library libpff that allows you to access email and the directory structure of Pst files within python.

Do a make of the library with the specified command to install the python bindings. Then you should be able to open up the python console and browse through Pst files.

import pypff

pst = pypff.file()"MyPst.pst")

There are more examples on the libraries website. However, I found that there wasn't enough functionality in the library yet. For instance, you can read emails and the directories, but there isn't anything for attachments yet.

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When I imported this module into my python script, it said it didn't exist. I'm using python 2.7 – pHorseSpec Feb 5 at 18:43
How did you install it? – kslote1 yesterday

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