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The XML file have the following structure

    <TestElement Count="10"/>

I need to check the existence of "TestElement" and to read the attribute value of "Count" if it exists.

      Int32 Str = (XDocument.Load("Sample.xml").Descendants("<TestElement ")
                                               .Select(l_Temp => (Int32)l_Temp.Attribute("Count"))).ToList()[0];

For the above XML file this query is working properly.

But it throws an exception for the following cases.

Case 1

        <TestElement Count=""/>

Case 2

        <TestElement />

Case 3


Is there any idea to check the existence of an element or an attribute?

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I guess in case of failure, you are expecting output value to be 0.

If that is the case, this would work in all situations:

        XDocument xdoc = XDocument.Load("../../Sample.xml");
        Int32 val = (from item in xdoc.Descendants("TestElement")
                     select (item.Attribute("Count") != null) ? Int32.Parse(item.Attribute("Count").Value) : 0).FirstOrDefault();
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Try this...

XElement TestElement = doc.Root.Elements().Where(element => element.Name.Equals("TestElement")).FirstOrDefault();

if (TestElement != null)
   XAttribute value = TestElement.Attributes().Where(attr => attr.Name.Equals("Count")).FirstOrDefault();
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