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I have a DateTime object that I need to see if it's 10 years or more in the past (Think of expiring certifications). I'm new to Joda-Time, how is that done? Thanks for your help.

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You'll want to review the docs for the DateTime class. But just to get you moving, the check would look something like the following:

1) You'll need to construct a DateTime which represents 10 years ago...

// Build a DateTime for exactly 10 years ago.

DateTime tenYearsAgo = new DateTime(); // should give you a DateTime representing 'now' 
tenYearsAgo = tenYearsAgo.minusYears(10);            // should give you 10 years ago

2) ...and use DateTime.isBefore to compare.

// Let's assume the DateTime you're comparing is called 'myDateTime'.

if (myDateTime.isBefore(tenYearsAgo)) { /* do something */ }
else { /* do something else */ }

Note there are some subtleties with calendars which Joda does a nice job of abstracting for you; before you get too deep in this, you'll really want to study the docs.

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I have not worked with joda.
See if Years.yearsBetween helps (link below).

It might look like Years.yearsBetween(myDateTime, new DateTime());


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