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Perhaps a confusing title but let me explain the issue through steps: I have a custom style NSStepper control. If I increment up to the point of my setMax the value will reach max as expected. I can then keep clicking increment and the value of course does not increment.

However if I wanted to decrement from this point I need to click the decrement button on the control the same number of times I incremented past the max. The value will only decrement when I have decremented to this point.

Make sense?

Ideas on solution?


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Are you using Bindings for the value? I'm not sure if I remember this right, but I seem to recall that mixing manual min/max settings with bound value (or vice-versa) can cause this.

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i am indeed... thanks Joshua I think thats the route to look into – theprojectabot Jul 8 '10 at 22:32

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