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Is there an easy way to integrate TFS for version control into MonoDevelop? I have a new MacBook Pro and an trying to determine which things I can do with Mac native apps and which I will need to run using Parallels.

I downloaded the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 command-line client, and was able to create a workspace, map a working folder and get the latest code. However, it would be nice to perform a get latest from inside MonoDevelop. In the Options there are External Tools I can try and setup, but I thought someone might have already done this. Has anybody done this?

Also, I see the the opentf project lists an alpha-quality MonoDevelop addin in the Feb 4, 2008 Release Notes, but that is two years ago. Has anybody used this?

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As you said, OpenTF supports MonoDevelop and it makes a good impression on this screenshot:… – Martin Buberl Feb 24 '11 at 19:46

You can always use Svn Bridge. In order to use it you will need to install it on the TFS server itself. It will then allow your TFS server to communicate via SVN protocol.

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I retry to post an answer (sorry for my english i'm french). I has the same problem than you, i make some software for WP7 from visual studio and i use TFS in my compagny and want to make iphone applications with monotouch. I Try openTF but i need direct integration in monodevelop, i find nothing in the internet and i decide to make my addin. I release a test version (free of course) than you can try, it's integrate directly in monodevelop with TFS, and work for me on my mac. You can see my blog at i think it's can help.


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The least-bad solution I've come up with for Xamarin + TFS is to set up TFS through a Windows machine as normal, mount the TFS workspace as a SMB fileshare on the Mac, and manage checkouts manually in Visual Studio.

It's klugey, but there doesn't seem to be any reliable TFS tooling available for Mac.

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