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I've got a SQLServer Database and an application (.NET) that configures data on that database. On the other hand, I've got an application (VC++) that reads that data from the database and must be 'informed' a soon as possible of any change in the data saved on the database.

I would like to receive a signal from the database engine when some data had been changed by the first app. Of course, I can code some kind of message that comunicates both apps but my question is if exists that mechanism (some kind of ultra-trigger that warns the other app) in SQLServer or in any API for accessing SQLServer (Native, OLE DB, or even ODBC)

PS: Apologize for my english

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You can use a SQL Agent Job that will notify the other app starting it with sp_start_job. Check this out.

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If your requirements include guaranteed delivery (e.g. no lost events) - you might want to consider an MSMQ based strategy.

Accessing MSMQ from Microsoft SQL Server


Microsoft Support Knowledge Base Article: 555070 Posting Message to MSMQ from SQL Server


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