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I wahnt to write a jQuery plugin which will change the x background-position in an looped time interval. $('#element').pluginName(); - starts the looped action

Then I wahnt to stop it by $('#element').stopFunction(); or $('#element').pluginName().stopFunction();

Is it possible? Can You give me a tip how to write it?

EDIT (my solution):

var LoadingAjax = function(element, options){
    var element = $(element);
    var object = this;
    var defaults = {
            width: 30,
            gap : 1,
            interval : 100,
            maxFrame: 8
    var settings = $.extend(defaults, options || {});
    var timer;
    var frame = 1;
    var is_loading;

    // Public method
    this.startAnimate = function(){
        console.log('start animate');
        is_loading = true;
        timer = setTimeout(loop, settings.interval);
    this.stopAnimate = function(){
        console.log('stop animate');
        is_loading = false;
    this.isLoading = function(){
        return is_loading;
    // Private method
    var loop = function(){
        console.log('frame: '+frame);
        if(frame < defaults.maxFrame){
            element.css('background-position', '-'+(frame*(defaults.width+defaults.gap))+'px 0');
            element.css('background-position', '0 0');
            frame = 1;
        timer = setTimeout(loop, settings.interval);
$.fn.loadingAjax = function(options){
    return this.each(function(){
        var element = $(this);
        // Return early if this element already has a plugin instance
        if (element.data('loader')) return;

        // pass options to plugin constructor
        var plugin_instance = new LoadingAjax(this, {});

        // Store plugin object in this element's data
        element.data('loader', plugin_instance);

        var loadingElement = $('.loading.ajax');
        var plugin_instance = loadingElement.data('loader');
        if(plugin_instance.isLoading() === true){

This link was very helpful: http://www.virgentech.com/blog/2009/10/building-object-oriented-jquery-plugin.html

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$.fn.pluginName = function(){
    return this.each( function(){
        //Something cool and fancy happens here.

        //Remember you can have access to the element using the variable 'this'.

will make your plugin available for calling $('#element').pluginName()

Now, about the intervals, you can make like this:

var holder = setInterval( function(){
    //The code here repeats every half a second.
}, 500 );

And then clean it with this:

clearInterval( holder );

The only problem is you have to be very cautious with the scope. Making holder a global variable should do the trick, but I recommend you take the chance for learning some sexy jutsus by reading this before.

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you could start by reading jQuery Authoring.

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sure, it is possible, you could do something like use setInterval and store the result on the .data of the element...if you are asking the question though you should probably spend a little more time learning the basics of js and jquery before tackling that project.

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