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I know that there is ant-contrib, which provides "if-else" logic for ant. But I need to achieve the same without ant-contrib. Is that possible?

Pseudocode which I need to work:


Thank you!

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I would strongly recommend using ant-contribs anyway but if you are testing a property that always has a value I would look into using an ant macro parameter as part of the name of a new property that you then test for

<macrodef name="create-myprop-value">
 <attribute name="prop"/>
      <!-- should create a property called optional.myprop.true or -->
      <!-- optional.myprop.false -->
      <property name="optional.myprop.@{prop}" value="set" />

<target name="load-props">
  <create-myprop-value prop="${optional.myprop}" /> 

<target name="when-myprop-true" if="optional.myprop.true" depends="load-props">

<target name="when-myprop-false" if="optional.myprop.false" depends="load-props">

<target name="do-if-else" depends="when-myprop-true,when-myprop-false">
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Strictly speaking, the "else" target could be coded as unless="optional.myprop.true" rather than if="optional.myprop.false". The macro could also be genericised to pass the name of the property as a parameter as well. – Michael Rutherfurd Jul 12 '10 at 7:15

You can put an "if" attribute in your targets.

<target name="do-this-when-myProp-is-true" if="myProp">

This will fire only if "myProp" is set. You'll need to define myProp elsewhere such that it's set if you want this target to fire & not if you don't. You can use unless for the alternate case:

<target name="do-this-when-myProp-is-false" unless="myProp">
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