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I want to be read a dir with a bash script (actually I am using zsh).

I want to list the current folders in the same dir and display it to the user asking them to enter a number to select the correct folder.

Please select a Folder eg, 1,2,3.
1. Folder Name 1 (this should the acutal name of the folder in the dir
2. Folder 2
3. Folder 3.

I would like to also be able to convert the input eg 1. Back to the actual folder name so I can

cd ./$foldername/

Thanks for you help. Cheers, John.

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Unless your formatting requirements are very strict, you can probably just use bash’s select construct.

The following code will present a menu of all the directories in the current directory and then chdir to the selected one:

printf "Please select folder:\n"
select d in */; do test -n "$d" && break; echo ">>> Invalid Selection"; done
cd "$d" && pwd
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WONDERFULL. TESTED AND WORKS LIKE A CHARM. THANKS! That worked just the way I wanted it to. Cheers, John. – John Ballinger Jul 8 '10 at 3:36


read -p "$(
        for dirname in "${dirs[@]}" ; do
                echo "$((++f)): $dirname"

        echo -ne 'Please select a directory > '
)" selection


echo "You selected '$selected_dir'"
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Saw this snippet @ some stack link dunno exactly..though might be useful

 #! /bin/bash

# customize with your own.

menu() {
    echo "Avaliable options:"
    for i in ${!options[@]}; do 
        printf "%3d%s) %s\n" $((i+1)) "${choices[i]:- }" "${options[i]}"
    [[ "$msg" ]] && echo "$msg"; :

prompt="Check an option (again to uncheck, ENTER when done): "
while menu && read -rp "$prompt" num && [[ "$num" ]]; do
    [[ "$num" != *[![:digit:]]* ]] && (( num > 0 && num <= ${#options[@]} )) || {
        msg="Invalid option: $num"; continue
    ((num--)); msg="${options[num]} was ${choices[num]:+un}checked"
    [[ "${choices[num]}" ]] && choices[num]="" || choices[num]="[+]"

printf "You selected"; msg=" nothing"
for i in ${!options[@]}; do 
    [[ "${choices[i]}" ]] && { printf " %s" "${options[i]}"; msg=""; }
echo "$msg"
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