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I am getting the following error in the following code:

Class primeField implements field {
    private $intmodulus = '';
    public function generator(){
        return ;

    public function modulus(){
        return $this->$intmodulus;
    public function __construct($modulus , $base=0) {
        if (is_resource($modulus) && get_resource_type($modulus) == "GMP integer"){
            $this->$intmodulus = $modulus;
        } else{
            $this->$intmodulus = gmp_init($modulus , $base); \\line 70
$a = new primeField(11);

Notice: Undefined variable: intmodulus in /Users/admin/PHP ECC/finitefield.php on line 70 Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /Users/admin/PHP ECC/finitefield.php on line 70


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The syntax is


not $this->$intmodulus.

You get an error saying "cannot access empty property" because $intmodulus is undefined and hence accessing it gives NULL. The NULL gets converted into an empty string when you attempt to use it as a property name.

If the value of $intmodulus was the name of a valid property (e.g. if $intmodulus == "intmodulus"), you would be accessing the property with that name.

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Note that $this->$intmodulus is still valid PHP, it just does something different from what was intended. – Borealid Jul 8 '10 at 3:18
Thankyou, been about 3 years since I touched PHP, and my mind is a bit numb. – ashaw Jul 8 '10 at 3:20

$this->$intmodulus should be $this->intmodulus

See the PHP documentation for Variable variables for info on what is happening.

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