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I've got a bat script which copies certain information from a computer onto a USB hard drive using Robocopy. The hard drive is FAT formatted and therefore doesn't support directories with extended attributes, leading me to robocopy error 282 as described here.

How do I tell robocopy to copy all the attribute information EXCEPT for the extendable attributes?

I still need help, but, some helpful info from the googling ive done thus far

EDIT: Wow, the file system isn't FAT, I was wrong. Its RAW.

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Can you explain what the problem is? Do you get an error message when extendable attributes are copied? Or can't you access the files after the copy? –  Wimmel Nov 26 '08 at 9:55
Good call. Added (it was error 282) –  AlexeyMK Nov 26 '08 at 18:28

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Convert FAT USB hard drive to NTFS using convert command (converting in this direction won't delete the data): http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb456984.aspx


convert e: /fs:ntfs 
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I found I only got the 282 error when copying direcories with robocopy. So I used xcopy with /T /E to create the directory structure. I was then able to use robocpy to copy all the files without error.

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