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Say I want to write a website where:

  1. you fill in your details,
  2. pick from 1 of many charities
  3. and I send a payment (from my account) along with your details to the charity (and your details are used to send out a tax receipt)

Is there one or more APIs somewhere to do step 3? I've searched around for something like this and can't find anything. I've found plenty of API that are intended for the charity themselves: google checkout, paypal, amazon payments, but nothing for what I want to do.

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Looks like FirstGiving has an API that does exactly this. There may be others that support more charities.

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Every charity in the world would then have to be using the same payment processing and transaction interface or be custom tailored to.

Your question is recursive - what you are describing making (a site that donates to charities) is exactly step 3 (an api that lets you donate to charities) except you don't want the hard work involved.


The "hard work" would involve:

  • Checking each possible charity to see if they will accept donations programatically
  • Coding a custom caller for each of the charities that do accept electronic donations or arranging for them to implement a standard calling method for you
  • Arranging a manual or even non-electronic method for donation to those that don't have/don't want/can't afford an automated system (for many this could be as "simple" as setting up methods to use each of the major payment systems and deposit to the specified charity's account details)
  • Maintaining logs of who you have donated to and who you have "outstanding donations" to
  • Making sure the charities will allow you to be a "middleman" donator
  • SEEKING EXTENSIVE LEGAL ADVICE e.g. I would ask AT LEAST these questions:
    • If you take payment for your donations is it money trafficking (possibly in the same way "middleman" purchasers/online gold etc. have to be careful)
    • Is it legal to donate payments and be the "middleman", i.e. to charge to make a donation?
    • Are you allowed to donate on someone else's behalf (expect not)
    • Are you allowed to request a tax invoice on someone else's behalf (expect not)
    • Is the charity allowed to invoice someone other than the person who paid them (expect not)
    • Would you be able to deduct your "donations" (expect not, particularly if you aren't invoiced or are taking a fee)
    • Would your "customers" be able to deduct their donations (expect not, particularly as you would have to invoice them)


You may want to look at this PHP tutorial on Making a Donation Center for an idea of how you could use track personal donations made through PayPal. However, you would not be able to track donations to other charities this way.

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i was HOPING there would be a single API to so what I want (wishful thinking). but i did say "one or more APIs", i.e. there's an API for red cross, and a different one for salvation army. –  TesterTurnedDeveloper Jul 8 '10 at 5:57
answer updated. –  Matt Mitchell Jul 8 '10 at 6:01

You should look into Network for Good - a bit pricey but reputable.

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Take a look at this page charity API. The OrgHunter Charity API provides developers access to over 2M charities in their database, and the charity API can easily be integrated into your application or website. I am not sure about the payment gateway but they can help you provide reliable information to your users.

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