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I am generating a report using OpenXML and exporting it to excel. I want to protect the excel sheet except for a particular cell.

If anyone has worked on this before, kindly help

Thanks, Amolik

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Have you tried using the OpenXML Productivity Toolkit?

from what I can see you have to add a

new CellFormat

with attribute

ApplyProtection = true




new Protection

with attribute

Locked = false

to the the CellFormat you created.

CellFormat is a element of CellFormats which is a element of Stylesheet

then to the Worksheet you add a

new SheetProtection(){ Password = "CC1A", Sheet = true, Objects = true, Scenarios = true };

I havent tried this, but it should be easy enought to find out what you need to do with the Productivity Toolkit. I hope this points you and anyone trying to do this in the right direction.

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