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Is it possible to have a subversion repository as a "submodule" in git?

In this project we will have several parts, but some parts will use svn and some will use git. So I am looking into a "project root" from where we can have the other projects as submodules (or similar).

And the question is if it is possible manage this "project root" with git?

Thanks Johan

The inverse question can be found here:


In the inverse question VonC gave a tip that this could be done with git-svn, does anybody have a example on how this could look like?

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Yes, if the subversion repo is first cloned as a git repo: see git-svn.
Once there are cloned, you can make some modifications in the git repo and 'dcommit' them to the svn repo, or you can update your git repo with svn repo evolutions.

Example: Git - SVN Crash Course

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Other tutorials are available out there:,, ... –  VonC Jul 8 '10 at 7:35

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