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How can i know the actual number of param the function has,

i know that func_num_args return the number of passed args inside the function but what about outside ???

function foo($x,$y)
// any code

how can i know dynamically the real num of args that bind to that function

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i take it from SO answer :

func_number_args() is limited to only the function that is being called. You can't extract information about a function dynamically outside of the function at runtime.

If you're attempting to extract information about a function at runtime, I recommend the Reflection approach:

 $info = new ReflectionFunction('foo');
 $numberOfArgs = $info->getNumberOfParameters(); // this isn't required though
 $numberOfRequiredArgs = $info->getNumberOfRequiredParameters(); // required by the function

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A small correction $info->getParameters(); is all what i dream of – shereifhawary Jul 8 '10 at 7:36

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