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I'm looking for an easy-to-use and intergrate ORM for Wicket application. I was thinking about Hibernate. Is it a good choice? What are the possible problems with Wicket/Hibernate? Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks for any help.

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I would suggest EclipseLink over Hibernate because of some lazy-loading and relations related problems. Integration is basically the same.

With additional access layer actually any ORM should be easily pluggable.

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You should not tightly couple any ORM with wicket. Use spring or guice to manage your service layer (including ORM). Inject your service components into wicket using the wicket-spring or wicket-guice integration. If you do it that way, the choice of ORM is totally up to you. Here is a reference of ORM technologies supported natively by spring. (I'd go with JPA, as it's an open standard)

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Subjective. But yes, Hibernate is good choice it is very easy to integrate it with Wicket. Alternatively, you can for example think of JPA.

Fav. combo : Wicket-Spring-Hibernate

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Have a look at iBatis / MyBatis - it's a bit simpler to learn that Hibernate. But not true ORM - rather a SQL <-> DTO mapper.

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