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I have a view (usercontrol) that contains a listbox. At runtime the listbox will be populated with instances of another view (also a usercontrol). How can I populate the listbox in design-time (in Blend and Cider) with sample views that are themselves populated with sample data?

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Possible Duplicate:… – Amsakanna Jul 8 '10 at 9:29
It's not the same question. I'm trying to find a design-time way to populate a listbox with sample data without it appearing in runtime. – Omer Mor Jul 9 '10 at 10:57

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Using VS2010 you can use Design-Time attributes (works for both SL and WPF). I usually have a mock data-source anyway so it's just a matter of:

  • Adding the namespace declaration


  • Adding the mock data context to window/control resources

    <UserControl.Resources> <ViewModels:MockXViewModel x:Key="DesignViewModel"/> </UserControl.Resources>

  • Setting design-time data context

    <Grid d:DataContext="{Binding Source={StaticResource DesignViewModel}}"> ...

Works well enough.

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You might find the BookLibrary sample application of the WPF Application Framework (WAF) interesting. It uses the new design-time support of Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend 4. Please download the .Net4 version of WAF.

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