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Hi All I am having this problem. Locally everything is working fine. Once I upload the published version on production the IDs of all elements will have a different prefix.

I know that the prefix is caused by using master pages, but why it is different from local to production?

See Image

alt text

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What version of IIS is on production? What version is on "local"? – Oded Jul 8 '10 at 9:02
Both 3.5 Insalled – David Bonnici Jul 8 '10 at 9:04
@David Bonnici - I am not asking about what version of .NET. I am asking about the actual IIS webserver (5.1, 6.0, 7.0 or 7.5). – Oded Jul 8 '10 at 9:05
Both on production and local? – Oded Jul 8 '10 at 9:13
Compare your 2 web.config, and search for possible TagPrefix extra options. – Aristos Jul 8 '10 at 11:12

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I agree with Matt-dot-net, dont use hardcoded client-side control ids.

However, check your dev/production web.configs for xhtmlConformance mode="Legacy" (or something similar), if only one of your configs has this set then it may account for you having different ids on dev and production .

Cheers Tigger

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This happens. The lesson to be learned is don't rely on "hardcoded" client-side control ids. That's why gives you the Control.ClientID property. Use it in place of your hard-coded value.

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